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Promoting study/research, collection and preservation of clothing buttons.

Divison lX

Awards List for ISBS 2016

 1. President’s Award: Up to ten buttons depicting “Get Into the Swing Of Buttons.” Buttons can depict swings, swingers and things that can be swung. Cards will be displayed as part of the Friday night program, but will not be judged as this is a fun award.

2. In Memory of Shirley Roberts: Div. III, Class 7-4.11, Small. Assorted clear and colored glass moonglows. $5, $3, $2. Southeast Iowa

3. Harriet Burkheimer Memorial Award: Div. IX, Class 23-1, Medium/Large. 24 Backgrounds assorted. See BB page 60. $5, $3, $2.

Division I

4. Class 6-0, Small. Black glass assorted. Label and mount in numerical order. Southeast Iowa

5. Class 6-4.3 + 6-5.3.2 + 6-6.8, Small. Black Glass. 14 Paint/enamel, 14 Riveted, glued, soldered on a metal back, and 14 Openwork mold. Mason City

6. Class 10-0, Various. Metals Assorted. Best selection of metals. Try for balance of white and yellow. The four pictorial sections, OME, decorative finish, are of secondary importance. Label back marks for extra credit. Button Seekers

7. Class 10-5, 20. Steel assorted. Cover all six classes with 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large button per class, plus 2 free choice for a total of 20 buttons. Mount classes together. Free choice may include diminutive. 2 points for a diminutive and 2 points for a realistic. Cyclones

Division II

8. Class 1-11.2.1, 30. 12 matching pair of medium (the coat) and small (the cuff) buttons. Rail (on, above, below ground) Label with name of railroad. Three pair of the Transit – either streetcar, interurban, elevated or subway. Metal in each pair need not match. Five Seasons

Division III

9. Class 6-5.2, 6-5.4, 7-6.2, 7-6.5 25 any. Precision Inlay and Glass on Glass. No insets. No balance required. Button Seekers

10. Class 23-10.3, 25 Any. Shapes Realistic. 5 buttons each of glass, wood, synthetic polymer, metal, and ceramic. Five Seasons.

Division VII-A

11. Class 12-11.18, 12 Any. Snap-together construction.

Division VII-B

12. Class 12-11/18, 20 Any. Snap-together construction.

Division IX

13. Class 1-0, Various. Celluloid Assorted. Black Hawk.

14. Class 3-0, Small. China Assorted. No igloo. Black Hawk.

15. Class 7-3.1, 25 any. Clear and Colored Glass Opaque, translucent. Specialized to color yellow. Black Hawk

16. Class 10-2, 20 any. Aluminum specialized to aluminum stencils. Button Seekers.

17. Class 11-6, Various. Shell mounted in/on metal. Mason City

18. Class 17-4.3, Various. Insects. Must include one larva or worm. Cyclone

19. Class 17-5, 25 Any. Mammals specialized to primates. This category does not include humans but you could have a human with a primate (like organ grinder with monkey). Southeast

20. Class 17-6, Various. Reptiles specialized to snakes. Five Seasons

21. Class 18-11, 25 Any. Sports, Game equipment. No people. Central Iowa

22. Class 18-12, 20 any. Objects unlisted. Assorted materials. No limit on realistics. Mason City.

23. Class 18-12, Various. Unlisted objects specialized to bows. Cyclones

24. Class 20-0, 25 Any. Other Pictorials This award must be labeled as to class number and mounted in numerical order. Decatur County

25. Class 20-10, 25 Any. Heads specialized to Women. Southeast Iowa

26. Class 20-17, Various. Pastimes/games/sports specialized to dancers. Look for a variety of dance forms. Assorted materials. Decatur County

27. Class 22-1.1, Mixed. All-over designs. Central Iowa

28. Class 23-8, Medium-small. Matching Pairs Decatur County

29. Class 23-10.2.1, 25 Any. Oval shape Look for all sizes, materials, DF, OME, construction, back types, etc. Buttons should look mostly oval with slight variations. Central Iowa

Fun Award

30. Buttons with any amount of pink. Decatur County

31. Buttons featuring roses. In memory of Marianne Klinsky, Marianne was passionate about roses. Cyclone Club